A Survey of Chatbot Design and Application-Tailored Evaluation

May 2023
  • A survey research paper on modern chatbot designs and how they are trained to fulfil specific, specialized functions
  • A summary of how chatbots are evaluated and the varying metrics used for different purposes

Coding Portfolio


Sep 2022
  • Created a note-taking web application that utilized text-transcription algorithms and NLP to transcribe and summarize live audio
  • Used AssemblyAI's Speech-To-Text API to do real-time audio transcription
  • Used Co:Here's text summarization API to summarize the real-time data

The Labyrinth: Race to the End

Dec 2020 - Jan 2021
  • Interactive & fully-randomized maze with unique solutions
  • Created a heuristic to maximize difficulty and randomness while ensuring the validity of the generated solution
  • Integrated support for all display sizes by writing algorithms that centered the most important visual elements


Jan 2023
  • Simulation of the inverse-square law using constructive gaussian blur and thresholding

Visualizing Shortest Path

Sep 2022 - Present
  • Interactive visualization for how various shortest path algorithms operate
  • Supported Algorithms: Naive, Dual Naive, A* Search, and Dijkstra's


Aug 2021
  • Inspired by this Steam wallpaper


  • Interactive game where player maneuvers around a board without hitting itself or the the board's boundaries

Play 2048

Graphic Design

Graphic Design